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Friday, November 21, 2008

Crimes of The Flesh; who are the Criminals

Prostitution is as old as time itself, even from the beginning of time women have been made to be or have chosen to be prostitutes; Biblical history, secular history and modern trends bears witness of this fact. Prostitution is a situation which resulted from some social condition which may force a woman to sell her body, for the sexual gratification of another: mainly a man.

Prostitution is the process where an individual offers themselves to indulge in sexual favors for a fee: where an individual pays another to have sexual intercourse or sexual favors with him/her.

We must understand that most women prostitute themselves to satisfy or alleviate some unfavorable social condition or to satisfy some needs or wants. I have heard of women who offered their body as a sacrifice to silence the cry that the pain of hunger generated in the stomachs of their children. I have heard of ladies who have developed deranged sexual cravings and habits which were resulted by some childhood trauma: the painful consequences of sexual abuse, rape etc. now these victims see the collection of money for their imposed perversion as a means to an end.

I have also heard of women who after being raped, felt so nasty, worthless and cheap that they sell themselves as prostitute; but worst yet, I have heard the sick stories of unscrupulous men who entrapped women and with the use of threats introduce them to the world and life of prostitution. Never have I heard of a mentally healthy woman, with no adverse social condition just venturing into this despised business. There are many more painful stories which in detail chronicle the suffering of such people.

In today’s world, prostitution is illegal. It is illegal for a prostitute to entice a potential client to use her service and it is also illegal for an individual to solicit another to become sexually involve with him or her for a fee, whether that fee is paid before the sex act immediately after the sex act or some time later.

All in all prostitution is illegal, demeaning, dehumanizing, and degrading to the parties involved; but more so, to the person who should be using his or her substance to elevate the falling, bring healing to those who are hurting, and be a guiding light to those who have lost their way.

Unfortunately; today our sick world has digressed into a place where there are male prostitutes, who offers themselves for the sexual gratification of both male and female. As nauseating as this taught is, it is a modern day fact of life.

For us male have become so lazy, that we refuse to use the strength that God have given to us. strength which would have afford us to live up to our responsibility to our community as leaders, protectors of the helpless, the hopeless, the poor, the weak, the widows, and the parent less; but instead we look for the opportunity to prey on the people who have fallen on hard times and find themselves in such unfortunate position. We refuse to control our passions, especially our sexual passions and so we craft opportunities which create victims within the communities; then we take advantage of those we were blessed or put into position to look out for.

The refusal (in some deranged cases: inability) to control or curb one sexual desire leads to deranged sexual cravings; cravings which cause these sick people to make intensive efforts in order to satisfy their desires. As a result, the destructive element of raped is introduced into the life of many and the helpless innocence of babies are no longer a safe stage, for these deranged men has no regards or sympathy for such; not when their passion burn within them. In some cases the victims of rape are killed to avoid detection; and if the predators are detected, they will lie and do all in their power to avoid the justice system and the punishment that is associates with such crimes.

In such situation those with money make their money speak for them; adding more humiliation to the already dehumanizing experience they would have put the individual through. Each time a victim of rape accept monies for their pain, humiliation and the lost of their dignity they suffered during and after being raped; in my opinion they are selling their body and is actually participating in prostitution. Anyone who pays or offers to pay an individual to avoid going to the law, to withdraw a case or not to make their misdeed public, is actually participating in prostitution; such offer to pay or payment is an admission of guilt; and anyone who acts as a go between or a middle man to facilitate such transaction in cases of rape is nothing less than a pimp or a jigglelow.

Although prostitution is a sad phenomenon, most of the times it is an act where two consenting adults entering into a simple contract. But to strip an individual of their dignity via the act of rape and then turning them into a prostitute is a whole other story.

Cases of rape are very easy to prove in the court of law, and if an individual was even found not guilty by a jury of his peers, that individual will forever live with the stigma of the allegations; because not guilty do not necessarily means innocent.

I have heard of stories of women who fabricate stories of rape as a means of revenge and out of spite. This is not only low and dirty it is dishonesty to the lowest; such people if discovered should he banished from the community.

So if an allegation of rape was brought against an individual and that individual chooses to pay the alleged victim not to pursue legal action; then their action is in its self an admission of guilt; and any alleged victim of rape who accepts money as a payoff, that out stretched hand immediately transforms that person from a victim to a prostitute.

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