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Friday, August 22, 2008

Creating an Icon

When I heard that I made the local TV news (photograph and all) and when I saw my photograph and a headline that accompanied the story which read "Vincentian Controversial Police Officer Discharged from the Bermuda Police Service" and when I saw the story on the Caibbean Net News; my heart was filled with a sense of pride. This sense of pride came for the following reasons.

The News Stories pointed out some of the qualities that make me unique. In order for one to be controversial one have to be ambitious, honest, an independent thinker and courageous. I will be the first to admit I am controversial, I am a man with an opinion and I am not afraid to let my opinions be known even if my opinion differ or do not support the views and opinion of whomever.

1. That the press have recognized my newly found status in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and in Bermuda, a status I have embraced; one that I love.

2. That I have been elevated from the simple neighborhood and street corner gossip to that of a headliner, to breaking news story that went on for over a week.
3. The fact that I was not accused of pushing, smuggling or offering drugs to any ones children.
4. The fact that I did not stole or got into trouble for any act of dishonesty.

5. The fact that I made the news for displaying strength, integrity, honesty and courage.

6. But most of all, the fact that I am still a practical example of my parents and God’s expectation; and this is what those who opposes me would love to and attempted to rob me of; but they can’t take that away from me.

It is no secret that I am a man who loves attention but I am very selective of the type of attention I am associated with. I must admit I basked in the attention of all the phone call the MSN contacts and emails from all of my friends and acquaintances and from people I never expected support from. They ranged from police officers, politicians, community and religious leaders but most of all the ordinary man form St. Vincent, Bermuda and other countries.

There is no hiding the fact that there are going to be three groups of people expressing their opinion on what they perceived happened. Their will be those who will rejoice over what they considered my down fall, their will be those who are going to support me no matter what, and their will be those who could not care one way or the other about me and the events of my life.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Ralph Gonsalves, George Jackson, Randy Liverpool and Mike Jackman: for giving me another opportunity to motivate other people like me who just needed an example (My example) to find their strength to be an objective voice regardless.

For affording me the opportunity to show my children and all of the children I have ever mentored: those who participated in my program the Adventurers hikers, Read and have Fun or such program like the Big Brother Big Sister program; but most off all the children of Bottom Town whom I hope from my example will learn and understand that they can become a news headliner for being positive, strong, courageous and honest virtues once cultivated no one can take away from you no matter how hard they try. But most of all I hope they learn from my examples how to make the stumbling blocks others place in your way into stepping stone and life obstacles should not take our destiny from grasp of your hands.

It is my only wish to teach those who look up to me how to be strong.

Allan H.F Palmer


  1. Mr. Palmer:

    I commend you on your position which exemplifies integrity and the refusal to be intimidated by Ralph. I have no doubt of your innocence in this matter. Ralph and his cronies have been victimizing Vincentians from the first day of their political power. It is now a reign of terror on all who are intelligent enough to oppose his brand of dictatorship. His actions are steeped in paranoia and his time would be better spent doing what we pay him to do: run the country productively.

    As a man of God, have no doubt that justice will ultimately be served. Keep the faith.

    John Smith

  2. Thanks for being an example of what a strong man should be. I hope that others in Bermuda and St. Vincent will follow your lead.


  3. Hi Palmer,

    How are you doing? Thank God for life health, strength, good friends and for strong young people like you who stand up for right and truth, and thank God for Lynch Radio Program.....I heard your letter today on his program.

    I support you 1 million % and so happy that you are using the strength God gave you to rise above this challenge that the devil meant as a stumbling block, but will be your stepping stone.

    I just checked your blog spot too and will read all of it soon.....My best friend is also interested in it.......We are so proud of you......he is just the same - talks out no matter what......He always tell me to get ready to sell coconut and lime in town for a living because he speaks out on the job as well.....You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.......God is on your side and so I am not worried about you......And I am not going to say "Oh I am so sorry" - I strongly believe this will make you an even stronger person......Take care and all the best......Your Friend always

  4. Mr. Palmer some of the things you have stated seem to have merit. However, the Bermuda Police Service has stated that they discharged you (fired you) and I have been told that you stated that they did not. I cant help but wonder if they really did. For if they didnt why wont you post a copy of your resignation letter from the Commissioner of Police? And when you post letters, make sure they can be read. Just a friendly suggestion. And maybe you should choose your fights more wisely the next time. May use another name. Sometimes it is better to fight from under cover then to come out in the open and get killed.