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Thursday, April 24, 2008

If You Have Nothing Good to Say Please Say Nothing

As promised I was going to write about the two men whom I referred to as opportunist, men whom I also referred to as men who are willing to sell their soul to the devil to attain the post of commissioner of Police in charged of the Bermuda Police Service, Men in the Person of Randolph Liverpool and Mike Jackman. But after considering what good will it serve to exposing these men weakness before the public, stripping them of whatever dignity they have left and God knows they did not have any to begin with.

Unfortunately these men have leave themselves vulnerable to people like myself who possessed an over active sense of curiosity that always seems to lead me to look into things I have no reason to get into. Well that is the nature of the man Allan Palmer.

My parents taught me that if I have nothing positive or good to say about a person say nothing. Although this piece of advise seems to cause impostor’s to indulged in there scams of trickery and deceived unsuspecting innocent people. They have also taught me not to say anything about a person in his absence that I will not say in his or her presence. Base on the counsel of my parents I will restrain my self from speaking of Mike Jackman’s lack of policing and managerial ability and I will not endeavor to speak of Randolph Liverpool’s uncanny and refined ability to undermine his bosses even in public places. (remember all of these are provable facts) I have learn a very long time ago never to rely on my memory but to rely on my trusty recorder to aid my memory in time of need.

I will use my next posting to address my candidate for commissioner of Police of the Bermuda Police Service. This is a man who has proven over and over that he is in love with his community. Not people like Liverpool and Jackman who takes and takes and takes from Bermuda and never give back, but one who finds time to give back to his community in so many ways. A man whom I think Bermuda Police Service needs to change the business as usual attitude that the institution is currently stocked in.
In Service to Humanity
Allan H. F Palmer


  1. Are you still in Bermuda or back home - let us know how its going.

  2. How come you won't put up any other comments other than ones that agree with you....I thought you would want freedom of speech - is that not one of your main complaints?

    Man of god - not to sure on that one?

  3. If you want to express your freedom of speech it will do you good to create your own means of which you can express yourself, after all you were in Bermuda long before I got here, and you earn much more money than I do. Having considered all this, are you telling me that you have waited until I come to Bermuda for me to give you a voice and teach you of your freedom of expression. You should be ashamed of your self. Let me take this opportunity to encourage you, to find your own media, medium or means to express your constitution rights which is your freedom to express your opinion. I created this medium for my use and for my purpose; this blog is here for your edification. I request limited participation from you. Please bear in mind, this blog is not here and neither was it created for your convenience.

  4. To all who are concerned about how I am doing, I am happy to report that I am still on suspension from the Bermuda Police Service, I am still in Bermuda and I am making the best of my free time. I am doing some volunteer work which has been very fulfilling. If you genuinely concern about me and want to say hi you can call me on my home phone at 5411491.