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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Song: Mr. Integrity, A tribute to Arnhim Eustace of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Below is a song that I wrote to honor Arnhim Eustace a politician who resides and fight to change the way of life in of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I hope you enjoy this song and the video I prepared to accompany the song.

Song Title:               Mr. Integrity
Written by:              Allan Palmer
Music Arrange by:  Godfrey "Cherry" Ince
Lead Vocals:           Allan Palmer
Back up Vocals:      Allan Palmer

        Below is extract of an article that was taken from the blog Vincy Kalaloo that was written by Amor Rodney.

Eustace the Black Aristocrat

Arnhim Eustace is simply a man of class. He has never written an autobiography so very little is known Arnhim Eustace

about his formative years. Arnhim grew up in Kingstown, Edinboro to be exact. His mother was a teacher and his father was a businessman. Like Gonsalves, Eustace had a good education, having been trained as an economist. He spent most of his working life at the Caribbean Development where he retired as the third highest ranking member of staff.

Eustace does have an aristocratic bearing and he may be described as a proud black man. For all of his adult life he has been associated with decency. Eustace is not known for tempestuous outbursts; he is not known for the use of profanity; neither has he been tarnished with misconduct towards the opposite sex. Indeed Mr Eustace has been invariably described as “straight as a pin”. And, he has aptly earned the sobriquet “Mr Clean”.

As a national figure, Eustace has the tendency to restrict his public statements to critiquing government policies and to advancing the proposals of his party. One cannot recall hearing him ranting and raving in personal attacks and insults to anyone. Eustace is the consummate professional and the epitome of civility in public affairs. So much so, his critics often describe him as “soft”. However, Eustace’s general approach is but a reflection of his aristocratic bearing. He is a man of superior manners, impeccable speech, and exemplary conduct. Mr Eustace his a man of class!

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