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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas A Christian festival or Pagan

Christmas is a festival that is widely celebrated by Christendom; unfortunately, most Christians celebrates this festival out of ignorance. They are ignorant as to what they believe as Christians and what Christmas is all about. It is also a sorry state, when you hear ministers of the Gospel, in their effort to indulged in the things of the world; make comment such as Jesus is the reason for the season. This is so far from the truth. Let me take this time to inform you that Jesus Christ, the Son of Yahweh; has nothing to do with Christmas; his birth, life, death and resurrection has nothing in common with this widely celebrated festival of indulgence. As a matter of fact, the very origin of Christmas is an abomination of El Shaddai.

What is the origin of Christmas?

Before I answer this question, let me give you a little back ground information about country of Roam; the country from whence Christmas has its origin. Roam was a pagan nation and the ruler and citizen of roam, worshipped many false God; which included the elements, nature (trees) as well as the Heaven body (stars, moon, sun etc.); these along with the worship of other idol, Created an environment that give rise to many defile ceremonies and festivals. When Christianity reached the shores of Roam, the Christian religion grew in popularity among his Roman subjects.
What was unfortunate about this is, most of the Roman Christians refused to turn away from their defiled and evil practices. Instead of the Church taking a stand on the word of Yahweh holding fast to the word of God, they chose to marry paganism with Christianity. This union was a totally unholy and a spiritually unhealthy union: the Devil’s delight. For many century and up to today the lies of the Devil is not only being propagated by Roam; but most of Christendom is selling this the darkness magic of idolatry too many unsuspecting believer, which is still affecting millions of Christian.

Now let’s take some time to discuss the beginning and the origin of Christmas.

Pagan Roam had a festival, which was called Saturnalia, This festival was a tribute festival or a sacrificial carnival which was held in honor of the God of Saturn himself. It began on 17th of December and ran to the 25th day of the same month. This festival is believed to began in the year 217 BC. During this period citizen of Roam were exempted from all crimes committed; as part of the festival they indulged and participated in drunkenness, sexual misconducts, violent behavior etc.

Each Roman District was to appoint an innocent citizen and that citizen, were forced to indulged in drinking of alcohol and physical pleasure for one week, beginning on the 17th of December, then on the 25th December which was the last day of the festival; these so called enemies of Roam were all brutally murdered as a sacrifice. These acts brutality were done to destroy the forces of darkness.

The Greek writer Lucian in documenting an eyewitness account of the activities that occurred on this festival speak of drunk revelers dancing through the street naked as the sing songs, many people were raped (I would imagine men and women) in public as they indulged in many sexual acts that would have otherwise been unlawful.

In the 4th Century the church leaders in their effort to convert the masses of Pagan Roam to Christianity told the pagan Romans who were entrenched in this practice (Saturnalia) they will be able to continue to participate in Saturnalia as Christian. Here we have a situation where Believers in Jesus Christ whose core believed were in Yahweh and his government and in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for their sin were given the right away to participate in the violation of the Law of Yahweh; the principles for which Jesus died and in the process violate their own dignity and decency as well as that of their fellow citizen. It is important for us to conclude that no man on earth neither an angel in heaven can give another permission to break Yahweh’s laws.

The American Experience:

The puritans of Massachusetts were the only people of the new world to take any meaningful action against Christmas. When the citizen of Massachusetts discovered the origin of Christmas, it became illegal for any citizen of Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas. The anti-Christmas law was enacted in 1659 was the legal instrument that make it unlawful for Christian to celebrate Christmas in that part of the country and it remained illegal for citizens to do so until 1681 when the law was repealed. For twenty two years the citizen of Massachusetts took a stand against Christmas because of it’s pagan back ground and the other pagan practices that is still associated with it.

The Roman’s Church Effort to Sanitized Saturnalia:

Later in an effort to reform the reluctant pagan and to persuade them from participating in Saturnalia; the leaders of the Roman Church (which was the world’s super power of that era), without biblical proof or other documented facts declared that the 25th December the Birthday of Jesus Christ, with the hope observers of Saturnalia would have chosen their love, respect and obedience to Yahweh and Yahweh’s son Jesus Christ thus causing a curbed in their appetite for the taste of the sinful practice of Saturnalia; but it did not.

Apart from perpetrating a verbal fraud; lying about the birth of Christ, the Leaders in the Roman Church tried many things to change the hearts of its congregants from the pagan practice of Saturnalia without success. It was a long and rough road from Saturnalia to what is celebrated today as Christmas.

In 1466 Roman Catholic Church revisited the most deprived customs of Saturnalia; as a substitute for the acts of indecencies to others and self the Jews became victims of this festival. The Pope Paul 11 Forced Jews to raced naked through the streets but not before they were forced to eat and drink to a point of discomfort; this made their naked run not only difficult but comical. This was done to and for the entertainment of Roman citizens who laugh at the nude discomfort of the Jews while mockingly taunted and threw objects at them. Later in the 18-19 Centuries the Jewish leader became the laughing stock of this festival. The Rabbis were forced to ware clownish outfit and while walking through the town citizen would laugh at and mockingly pelt objects at them.

In 1836 The Jewish community wrote a letter of protest to Pope Gregory the 16th asking him to stop the abuse of the Jews which was common around the season of Saturnalia.

The Christmas tree:

It was believed by the Greco-Roman that the Gods themselves transformed into tree and the first human was descended from a tree. It was also widely believed that the tree was magical, it roots extended into the underworld and thus the tree has access to the predominant place of the God’s of the ancestral spirit. They also believed that the branches which reach up to the heaven accessed another realm of great mystery, the predominant place of the goddesses. Birds were believed to be messengers from the gods and the fact that they nested and rear their young in tree were another sign of the holiness of the tree. The trunk of the tree was considered a bridge between the underworld where the predominant spirit of the ancestors dwell and the heaven where the Goddesses dwell.

The worship of trees had an integral part in pagan Roam’s customs, at times the trees that were to be worship were cut and took into their homes, where they were paint and beautifully decorated. This practice was also married into Christianity and was merged as a part of the Christmas tradition and is still practiced today around Saturnalia or Christmas time.

Gift Giving:

In pre-Christian Roam, the emperor of Roam compelled the most despised of the Roman citizens to bring offering and gift around the Saturnalia time. this was later adopted along with the custom of the yearly practice of the cult who followed Bishop Nickolas give gift to children on the 6th December to commemorate the death of Bishop Nicholas’ who was later granted sainthood by the Roman catholic Church.

The conclusion:

Can you in all honesty after knowing the history of Christmas find pleasure in celebrating such defile and wicked festival? Not if you are a believer in Yahweh and a follower of Jesus Christ. Given to the Roman Catholic Church, for the correct price, they can lend acceptance and sanctity to the atrocities of African slavery and Hitler’s holocaust.

Any minister of the Gospel, who tries to encourage the celebration of Christmas by infuse Christ in to dirty pagan celebration: Christmas and in the process cause the followers of the living God to indulges such celebration is no better than the Roman Catholic pries who sells indulgences such as forgiveness etc. or Jeroboam the King of Israel who lead Israel down the slippery path of idolatry for his own personal gratification and gain. As a result of Jeroboam’s selfish action, Israel became a ruin and its people were taken into captivity became slaves to the heathen nations suffering the curse of Jehovah as was outlined in Duet. 28: 16 onward; a curse which Israel endured for many centuries.

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