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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congratulation Michael De Silva

Finally the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police has been filled, and the person appointed to fill that post in my opinion is indeed the best candidate for the job. There are many things that can be said about the newly promoted Michael De Silva but you will never hear that he is a dishonest man. I have had my running with Michael De Silva and each time he has exercised sound and intelligent judgment in his deliberation.

Micheal De Silva who began his policing career at the bottom as a police cadet have worked his way up the ranks and is now second in command of the institution. It is quite an accomplishment, one that deserves the respect and admiration of the Bermuda Community.

Although his quiet unassuming personality could cause him to be taken for granted it is good to see that the powers that be were vigilant in their quest to fill the post and made the best possible choice for the job. I have no doubt that DCP De Silva will do an extremely good job. The office of the DCP is an office that requires the application of effective managerial (human resource) skill which Mr. De Silva possesses.

To all those who though that by creating victims and by exploiting your subordinates would have immediately accelerated you into this office: I am LMAO at your expense. Finally someone saw through your big empty talk and recognized you for who you really are empty barrels.

The administrator of the Crushing Fools Blog will like to extend heart felt congratulation to the new Deputy Commissioner of Police Michael De Silva; we will like to remind him that it pays to be honest and to stand for what is right and your new office is just a small reward for your honesty and integrity. It is my hope that you will seek God wisdom in this time of criminal revolution that Bermuda is going through and know that if anyone can make a difference you surly can.

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