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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bermuda day 2008 A fun day for me.

Photo by: Jennifer Bean

A fun day

The 24th of May 2008 was very significant for me; this is so because it is the last Bermuda day I will spend in Bermuda. Today 26th May 2008 I got a piece of everything. I got to sit with my friends Sheridan, and Wakeel Ming, along with the other members of the Restoration Seventh Day Adventist Church; together we enjoy the splendor, pageantry, and the array of Bermuda’s talent that parade the streets of Hamilton. After which I join my brothers on wheel and participated in the parade performing tricks on my roller blade to the crowd delight. I did splits, spins and a verity of fancy foot work. All in all I had fun as a spectator and as a participant in the Bermuda day parade.

The Ugly head of Violence.
On my arrival at Bernard’s Park, I saw the crowd began to run, I observed that the people who were on the base ball field and who were trapped in by the fence were trying to get out of that area. A woman who recognized me as a police officer informed me of the occurrence and volunteered to take care of my rollers blade while I go and help the young man who was being beat upon by a gang of his peers. As a police officer (though I am on suspension) I still have an obligation to lend a hand of protection to any member of the community who is in need, even if it means confronting the danger alone. After I skillfully scaled the fence that enclosed the base ball field and after I identify myself as police officers the assailants made off. The victim who was blinded by his own blood was fighting viciously even after his attackers had left. But with the help of a Bermuda fire Service personnel (whose name I do not know) and other helpful member of the community we managed to restrain the aggressive youth and took him to a place of safety.

Before, during and after this incident there were no police to be found in the area where the public had gathered to celebrate such an auspicious national event. It was about half an hour after the fact, and after the assailants had left the scene the Calvary rolled in, in a number that represented total over killed which is the usual thing.

Anyone who knows anything about preparing for an event of the magnitude and significance as the Bermuda day celebration, strategic and contingency planning is paramount, and this should include the strategic deployment of uniform police office, the uniform officers are and will be the first response in prevention and dealing with any foreseen and or unforeseen antisocial behaviors that may pop up.

As soon as the Bermuda Police Service release me from my contractual obligation I am going to submit a detail report to the Governor who have responsibility for the running of the Bermuda Police Service and the to minister of Home Affairs who has the responsibility for national security and public safety. In this report I will outline my observation as it relates to the weakness, short comings, and negligence which is spur on by ignorance, that adversely affect the Bermuda Police Service ability to effectively provide the level of protection the people of this Island needs and deserves, but first things first.

After all Bermuda day was a fun day for me, I socialized with friends, I had fun on my blade, and I confronted danger to help a member of the community. today was truly a Bermudaful day, and I could not have asked for a better day. Thanks Bermuda.

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