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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saving Christmas The soon to be a Movie

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Saving Christmas is a two story epic drama/adventure. Theme one is set in the mythical call Rain Ville: Rain Ville is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and a wide variety of other mythical creatures. Santa and the other inhabitants of Rain Ville work all year to ensure the boys and girls in the real world have a happy and enjoyable Christmas by satisfying their Christmas wishes. But the vicious and dangerous Grimasaurus, which was supposed to be eternally confined in the eternal dungeon, became free. This new development poses a real threat to the safety of Santa Claus and his team.

Will Santa and his team be brave enough to venture beyond the protection of Rain Ville to deliver the toys to the millions of boy and Girls?Will the Grimasaurus have Santa and his team for his Christmas meal?Will Christmas be lost?Or will there be a hero?
Theme two:

The second story deals with a real possibility and is set in the USA. Amy Boyles is a six years old girl whose father was drafted into the Army and is away fighting in the war. Dave, Amy’s father, have never been away from his family for any significant period of time. It has been seven months since Dave left home for the war and Amy missed her father like crazy. Amy missed her dad so much that she found it hard to smile and her big beautiful infectious laugh was not heard in quite a while, she did not want to go out to play with her friends and she hardly ever eat her meals. This troubled her mother Christy who also misses Dave. Amy’s Christmas wish and task for Santa Clause this Christmas was a big one; Amy wanted Santa to bring her daddy home for Christmas. It seems like an impossible task, Will Santa be able to fulfill such a big wish? Will the Boyles family be reunited for Christmas? Will Santa Claus be able to grant such a big and difficult wish? Or will Amy be disappointed?

Author Allan H. F. Palmer hard at work in the New York Cold looking for sales for his book Saving Christmas which will soon be turn into a movie.

............. Christina and her mom posed with the Saving Christmas poster.

Christina a Floridian was the first person to purchase a copy of the book Saving Christmas displaied her authorgraphed copy as she posed with auther Allan H. F. Palmer
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  1. Palmer, how can I get a copy of that book?

  2. Are they available at in Bermuda? I will like to get a copy.


  3. I am proud to say than I help with proof reading this book. Good luck.

    Your forever friend.

  4. your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!.I come again

  5. I had the opportunity of reading this book and it is a wonderful book.allan i need to purchase a few copies to pass out to my friends.

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