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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Brither Big Sister of Bermuda


The Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) Mentoring program of Bermuda has been making an overwhelming contribution to the youths of that island. Like many country of this world, Bermuda were not spare the devastating effects of poor, lack of, and inadequate parenting of the nation’s children and youths. These situations greatly contribute to the high level of delinquency, antisocial and criminal behavior that is rapidly getting out of control, behavior which youths are active and willing participants.

It was design by our creator that the nuclear family was the ideal situation in which a child or children should be introduced into the family. There the father and mother will equally contribute to the proper nurturing, protection, and socialization of their off-springs, thus blessing the society with a healthy replenishment. Unfortunately the break down in societal norms, morality, and respect for each other have saw the emergence of our selfishness and the abandonment of rational thinking, love for family, and children. As a result of the forgone, the children have become the biggest lousier and the reluctant victim.

This situation have predisposed the children to many man created and man imposed danger. Thus transform the parents roles from the protector, nurturer etc. to roles that is aggressive, destructive and very unfriendly to the family.

It is in these situations those None Governmental organizations (NGOs) such BBBS, their members and affiliates seek to satisfy a need by providing a positive influence in the life of a child or a young person. Although the volunteers that lend their support to these NGO cannot replace, meet or fulfill the requirement of the absent parent; it is important to note that the investment of time means far more to a young person or a child than the volunteers will ever know or understand. Such investment far reduces the psychological, emotional and developmental impacts their present imposed situations have doom them to.

Mrs. Esme Williams: executive Director of the Big Brother Big Sister program in Bermuda as well as supportive team, possesses an undying passion for Bermuda’s youths and work with all of their might to ensure that the participants in the program are equipped with the necessary mental, social, creative and interactive tools to satisfy the requirement of being a Big (the mentor). Apart from training and control interaction (activities organized by the organization) the volunteers has the privilege to call upon Esme Williams and any of her support staff for advice at anytime.

Above is one of the many social activities organized that BBBS put on to ensure that mentors and littles are provided with control environment with their peers to interact and socialize. I hope this short video will motivate someone to become a Big brother or sister and therefore become catalyst that motivate a positive change in the life of a child.

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