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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Search for Answer and solution: The Andrew Thomas Campaigne

When I posted the last article on this blog, on 3rd of January 2010; I ended that article with a promise, to venture on a quest, to search for answer to ensure that Andrew Thomas' sudden, untimely and tragic death will not be in vane and to prevent others from suffering a similar fate. I take on this assignment because of the tragic nature of the problem that confronts the members of the Bermuda Police Service. One will ask, why the Bermuda Police Service immidiately declared that fowl play was not suspected in Andrew Thomas' death, he being a young healthy male; and even before a postmortem was preformed and such report was available. Do they know something that the average citizen do not know.

Bermuda is a small island with a history and a tradition of keeping many dirty secrets, secrets that are well guarded; secrets that certain people will go to extreme Length to protect all in an effort to maintain the status quo.

Something is terrible wrong, for it is highly unlikely and surely out of the normal for such institution to experience so many unexplained illness and death without something being extremely wrong. Although I cannot say for sure, what is responsible for high volume of unexplained illnesses and sudden passive (death outside the line of duty by a serving officer) death among police personnel of the Bermuda Police Service; there are many suspected conditions that may account fot these.

I know that many of my former colleagues are wondering what form this campaign is going to take. Unfortunately, I cannot publicly discuss my intended stragady with anyone at this time; however, I will bring to the attention of anyone who has a personal or professional interest in this matter; the actions taken and the results such action yield if any. For now, I have embarked on a three (3) phase campaign, which I hope to develop and be altered depends of the results the action yields.

I will like to remind all, that I have only one thing of value, and that is: my words. I have never backed out on my words. If I say that I am going to do a particular thing, You can be guarantee, that against all odds and against adverse circumstances I will ensure that I live up to my words.

So' be assure, that I am going to get to the bottom of the concerns that have been a worry for the serving members of the Bermuda Police Service, the friends and family of serving officers who have been affected, those who have not yet been affected.

To Commissioner Da Silva, This is not an attempt to undermine your commissionership as some are hoping I would use this blog to do. Let me assure you that I am of the opinion that you deserves every opportunity to be the best commissioner you can be. for several reason which I will not go into. Let it be known, the author of this blog Mr. Allan H. F Palmer has vow to support your commissionership, and as a result I will refrain from publishing any information or to make any public declaration on this blog that can affect commissioner Dasilva's ability to effectively manage the Bermuda Police Service and get a grip on crime.

I may have reason to call upon pass and serving members of the Bermuda Police Service to take certain action to aid in obtaining the answers and action in a timely manner. So until your participation is required follow this blog and keep the discussion alive.

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