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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Should Ralph Gonslaves Sacrifice Elected Ministers of the ULP for His Misdeeds?

Signs of A dictator

I recently, learn that on May 10th, 2010 Ralph Gonsalves; the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, while addressing a the lauders community, publicly declared that his Unity labor Party (ULP) will be presenting at lease ten new candidates in the next general election that is constitutionally schedule to be held in march 2011.

From my understanding of Ralph Gonsalves this is a dictator’s gimmick to trick the Vincentian community into voting for the failed ULP and thus giving them another term to continue their very ineffective and deficient programs, they call governance. This announcement is the basis of this article and which is responsible for motivating a series critical questions that Vincentian need to answer for themselves. I will therefore present these questions for the perusals of all.

St. Vincent is a democratic state and it is expected that all organization, within a democratic state, should operate base on the core values, principles and laws that over sees the general administration of the country. However; with this in mind, I am lead to ask what were the means the UPL used, to decide who will be deny the opportunity to render valuable service, in the capacity of an elected representative of the people. I have a sneaking suspicion; that the members of the ULP who were disqualified from seeking reelection to the seat they have so skillfully won, under the ULP banner; became so disqualified by the socialistic dictatorial personality of the almighty Ralph Gonsalves. There were no discussion on that issue; I am sure Ralph decided who will be worthy candidates then like the master manipulator he is, brain washed the intentional reject into believing that they should not run again.

The first set of questions is:

1. Does the ULP belong to Ralph?

2. Do the other members of Gonsalves cabinet have any say in this matter?

3. Does the members of the constituency have a say in who will represent them in parliament in the next election?

4. Will Ralph Gonsalves be offering himself as a candidate?

5. Will Ralph once again be offering Julian Francis as a candidate?

These are just a few of the questions that the Vincentian community must answer before they go to the poles in 2010-2011 General election. One must also again ask, was the potentially socialistic constitution that was rejected in a referendum by the people, was Ralph Gonsalves' way of holding socialistic sway over all of SVG in the same manner in which he now holds tyrannical sway over the ULP and its supporters?

One must also ask:

• Who is to be blame for the failure of the ULP government?

• Who should take responsible for the arrogance and abusive personality of the Prime Minister?

• Who was responsible for putting the Prime Minister in such a compromising position that a female police officer and the Vincentian/Canadian Human Right lawyer were able to bring degrading criminal allegations against him?

• Who is responsible for bankrupting the economy of the already cash strap country of St. Vincent?

• Who started the faith project (international airport) that caused several billion dollars without a sound plan as to how he is going to secure funding for that project?

• Aren’t these types of faith practice reserved for members of the Christian community that work with no particular deadline in mind and who depends on the generosity of the members and their willingness to solicit?

• Who was responsible for investing scars state funds in an international airport project, with no sound plan of financing the day to day running of the airport? Thus, this project is going to be another state liability.

• Who invested needed funds in the construction of a cross country road then abundant the project after spending millions of the nation’s monies on a project that did not have any economical significant to the country.

In Ralph Gonsalves eyes, gone are the days when leaders were to man up and take responsibility for their mistakes, indiscretions and failures. It is clear that Ralph is really the problem in the ULP. With the exception of a few learning blunder and expected mistakes the other members of the ULP has function more creditable and with a greater level of statesmanship than their leader.

So you can see, as is usual with Ralph Gonsalves; he is blaming others for his failure. He fail to be a good example to the members of his party, he have failed to be an example to the youths and the nation as a whole, he failed to properly govern and grow the resources of the country and he failed to come up with sound economic recovery plans for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Ralph Gonsalves has failed himself, he has failed his family, he has failed the ULP, he has failed his constituents and he has failed Vincentian and St. Vincent and the Grenadines: the land of his birth.

So the problem is not the members who Ralph will deny the opportunity, to faithfully serve the country they love so much, as an elected representative in the house of parliament. The problem is Ralph Gonsalves, the man whose plan it is to bring back colonialism to St. Vincent and the Grenadines; by making us a dependant of Venezuela and Cuba.

Below are some questions members of Cabinet, Members of the Unity Labor Party and supporters of the ULP should ask and find answers for and they are:

1. Why the faithful elected members of the ULP should be made to suffer for the incompetence and misdeeds of Ralph Gonsalves?

2. Why the elected member of the ULP should be denied the opportunity to run again; when their only offence was to demonstrate loyal to their party and the party leader?

3. Why should Ralph Gonsalves remain as head of the party and be allowed to run again when he was the reason for the decline of the popularity of the party?

4. Has Ralph Gonsalves been an ambassador of the core values of St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

5. Does the ULP belong to Ralph Gonsalves?

6. Why does Ralph Gonsalves get to manipulate the members of the ULP for his benefit and his political survival?

7. The constituent Groups, don’t they have the right to decide who should represent them in Parliament?

As is the habit of Ralph Gonsalves, who constantly manipulate the Speaker of the house, the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Public Prosecution, his ministers and the party supporters in order to look good. Once again, he continues with the manipulation of his cabinet, the card holding members and supporters of the ULP to ensure his own political survival. How selfish could one man be?

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