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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr. Hilton Davis: Thank You For Your Kindness

The content is this post was a letter of thanks I wrote to Mr. Hilton Davis while I was on the island of St. Croix in 2008 a few months after I left Bermuda.

Apt 2
St. Croix
US Virgin Island. 2008

Dear Uncle Hilton,

How are you? It was indeed a wonderful pleasure getting to know you and mother Davis (Hilton's wife); I must say that you are a couple whom God have blessed with each other. I strongly believe that you can measure the quality of a person’s character by the nature of the sacrifice he or she is willing to make for another. Not when they are obligated so to do but when it is not their responsibility and such will not benefit them personally.

There are many people in Bermuda whom I respects highly, and I am making it clear and I am also making it known that I hold you and mother in very high esteem, you have taught me many of life’s valuable lessons through your kind and unselfish love, you have share your time your life and all that you have with me at a point in time when I needed it most, and that is something I can never forget or can ever repay.

I have no doubt That God have blessed me with tremendous strength and the courage to stand up for the things that I know is right regardless of the consequence. At times this can become a difficult cross to carry and it is in these time of difficulties that even the strongest man needs a place to get away to, a friend share his difficult times with, a person who, out of concern will listen and be there. Hilton that was what you were to me in my time of trial whilst I was in Bermuda.

When I looked back on it all, I can say without a doubt that my God is an awesome God. I know exactly why it all happened and with that I say “Thank you Jesus.” Let me assure you that you and your family are always in my prayer.

How is the Great John Thompson: AKA Ginger blue? Together you and Mr. Thompson make an awesome team, you tow understands what the word friendship, respect and honor means. Well being the good student that I am, I made my observing and I took note. God have been so good to me and he promised that he will never leave me nor forsake me and I am holding him to that, he cannot go back on his words.

I know to well when an individual appear to be in trouble no one wants to be associated with him or her, no one wants to be branded the trouble maker’s friend. Have you ever wondered, how it was that Jesus had only a handful of moaners when he was crucified; Yet so many people rejoicing over his demised.

Well what more can I say, but thanks once again for the Christian love, courage and friendship that I have recieved from you but most of all for allowing God to use you in such a way that I was encouraged daily and for being there for me when I needed you most.

Allan H. F. Palmer

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