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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why Do You Want To Take Away My Voice

On Thursday 4th December, 2008, while I was in the process of catching up on the news via the internet, I logged onto Caribbean Net News, while reading the letters that are published there, my attention was drawn to a feature I have never paid much attention to before. I became fascinated with a feature that keeps a record of how many times a particular letter was read or the number of hits particular letters received.

As you would imagined there was a sudden arousal of my curiosity; so I started an investigation/research; as I read the letter on the site I made a written record of the amount of hits each letter received. Then I began to look at what I considered the big topics, the names of important people and good writers that are published in this section of this online journal; I also made a record of the number of hits these topics and writers received.

After I was satisfied I then turn the spotlight on my writings. I must admit that I was disappointed when I saw the total number of hits my earlier writings received, but as I make my way to my later writings I discovered that the amount of hits my writing received began to grow. This show that I have began to attract an online following. I discovered that my Caribbean Net News followers began to grow in the same way my “Crushing Fools” blog followers grew.

I discovered that my article which was captioned “Proud of My New Found Status” received: 403 hits, “The Revenge of Ralph Gonsalves received 510 hits, Serial Rapist in S.V.G received 409 hits, and my last letter which was titled “What is Justice," received 774 hits. I discovered even articles written about issues in Bermuda received hundreds of hits. I must confess that of all the letters I have reviewed, no other letter received as much hits as the article “What is Justice?” As far as my research have revealed the letter “What is Justice?” Have the all time highest number of hits for any letter published by the Caribbean Net News

From the feed back I received from members of the newspaper reading Vincentian community (native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines), I know there is a large cross section of that island residence who reads and look forward to reading my articles when they are published in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines news papers.

In the early days Nora Peacock the then editor (deceased) of the Vincentian Newspaper always gave me a voice by publishing my writings which included poems. Then Norma Keizer the then managing editor of the Searchlight News Paper did not only ensure that I had a voice by publishing my writings; she encouraged me to writing.

The News Newspaper was always selective in which of my articles they published.

I discovered that after I began my campaign to ensure that the female police officer and the young Vincentian/Canadian lawyer who brought charges of rape and sexual assault against the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph E. Gonsalve was given due process and after several articles addressing this topic, the news papers in St. Vincent refused to publish my articles. It was at this point that I turned to the Caribbean Net news. The Caribbean Net news saw it fit to provide me with a platform from which to trumpet my campaign for justice on behalf of these two alleged female victims, this was enforced by Edwardo Lynch host of New Times interactive radio program.
Mr. Lynch often take timeout to read my publish writings on his radio program; and in some cases Junior Bacchus and Mathew Thomas also aided in amplifying my voice on their interactive radio program. I can remember to my surprise, listening to Junior and Matthew’s program via the internet and the sense of pride I felt as these men made one of my article “The Psychological Effects of Rape” the focal point of discussion of their show. Both interactive radio program are facilitated by Nice Radio, which is own and managed by Douglas De Freitas a true patriot.

But lately a strange and unfortunate phenomenon occurred; as of late I noticed that my letters have not been reaching the pages of the Caribbean Net News; in the same manner they are not reaching the pages of the News Paper in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Now if my writings are responsible for attracting readers to a journal whether online of print, why would these Journals suddenly refused to publish them; bearing in mind that evidence show that the readers follows my writing. Common sense is not common. With the rate of law suits that is being banged about the place and the amount of threats that are issued to the citizenry of St. Vincent and the Diaspora about being sued if one speaks the truth. With this in mind I have conclude that someone threaten to sue the Caribbean Net News, and the News Paper in St. Vincent if they continue to publish my letter/articles; hence their reluctance to publish my articles/letters. To the Caribbean Net News and the other papers please do not print a set the record straight article, (in the same manner the Bermuda Police Service had a set the record straight press release) no one will believe you, for the record is already straight. We know what you will be told or expected to say to hide what is already known.

There is one thing I know the price of justice is very high. Many people have given their lives for justice, honesty and fair play. Giving their life was a sacrifice they were willing to make. Many have lose acquired wealth for just causes but they keep the riches no one could takeaway from them; the riches of a strong character, their integrity, ethics, and high moral standards. It is true that these rich virtues cannot full an empty stomach, cloth a bear body or provide shelter from the elements but the give you something that the fat bang belly cats doesn’t have, which is: a peace of mind.

To Douglas De Freitas, Edwardo Lynch and Nice Radio please be reminded that God is still in control of this world. some people says that he has a strange sense of humor, but one thing he have promise as was declared by the King David when he said: “I was young but now I am old yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seeds begging bread.”

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