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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Reply From The Office of The Premier of Bermuda

Hon. Dr. E Brown and Rev. Al Sharpton Share a moment
Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well, we must also be cognisent of the fact that any operation of any significant may take a while before such can or may bear any meaningful results. We must also come to the realization that change do not come over night, especially if such changes may dig into the profits of those who are expected to accept or make the change. An example of this, is the problem, Barack Obama is currently experiencing in his plight to secure Health care for all American, which in my opinion and the opinion of his opposers, is quit reasomable. In such cases, those who are vested with the responsibility to effect such changes will resist such, ever at cost that is more expensive than implementing the required changes.

In the campaign which is being waged by me, that is titled: The Andrew Thomas Campaign for Police and Public Health has made some accomplishment. The most significant of the accomplishment so far is the acknowledgement the Premier of Bermuda made to this campaign via his assistance liana Hall. He acknowleded the campaign and asure us the said is under review.

Why is this reply significant?

The reply from the Premier’s office is significant for the following reasons:

1. It is an acknowledgement that the campaign is a worthy one.

2. The campaign has got the attention of the island Premier; the most influential political individual on the      island of Bermuda.

3. The premier is the person who has the power to instruct or order a comprehensive investigation into this matter and ensure that such is carried out.

4. Being a medical professional he has an understanding of the situation and will be sensitive to such a matter.

5. He has the authority and can ensure that funds are placed in the budget for the required scientific studies and or research can be conducted.

Although the Governor is head of state, the premier is the one who controls the island purse, he along with his cabinet is responsible for its management and its growth.

It is my hope that the members of the Bermuda Police Association will get up off of their laurels and join this campaign because each of them are going to benefit.

To Premier of Bermuda: the Hon. Dr. Ewart Browne (JP MP) thanks for your acknowledgement and for demonstrating such level of statesmanship. Your sensitivity to this matter is not only critical it is appreciated by the men and women who ensure your security and the security of your country.

This is not the all in all for the campaign; it is only a stepping stone that will aid for more significant movement.

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