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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter To The Prime Minister OF St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves

            Ralph E. Gonsalves V/S Justice who will win
Below is an actual copy of a letter I wrote to the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph E. Gonsalves. In this letter I solicited from the Prime Minister, answers to some very important questions. I also took the opportunity to copy this letter to the leader of the opposition The Rt. Hon. Arnhem Eustace, to the Stay Swake radio program; from whom I got the idea to write to the Prime Minister and to New Times Radio Program.

New York
USA 11222

Prime Minister’s Office
Administrative Building
St. Vincent

2nd March 2010

Dear Mr. Gonsalves,

How are you? I trust that this correspondence meets you in good physical and psychological health. However, because of the nature of your office, I will not waste your time with anymore formalities, but rather; I will get directly to my reason for writing to you.

As you may be aware, I have been following the events as they occurs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and from the many conflicting news that emanates from the printed, audio and audio visual media which including the internet, are tained and it is often hard to distinguish the truth from lies, right from wrong and the fabricated from the genuine stories. I do not have any interest in rumors, lies and innuendo hence the reason I decide to over look all of the rumors, that is currently circulating within and without of St. Vincent as it relates to national governance and allegations of misbehavior of public officers in public office. As a concern citizen, I write to you as head of Government and chief  administrator of the Nation's business for honest answers to the below question.

I hope you will see it fit, to treat me with the dignity I deserved and provide frank, honest and forthright answers to even the difficult questions.

1. Did you cause about one million United States of America dollars cash, to be deposited into the national commercial bank?

2.  Did you or your agent give the banking authorities adequate, justifiable and lawful,  account of how you came into the money?

3. Are you of the opinion that you are not entitled to inform the public of the source of the moneies in question? If yes why do you hold such opinion?

4. Don’t you think the community has a right to know about the financial and other activities of the people    they elect to manage and grow the nation’s (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) resources?

5. I have seen what appear to be authentic documents, which clearly suggest that large quantities of money were exchange at the national Commercial Bank by some of your friends, members of your family and some of acquaintances. Were these transactions conducted on your or the UPL behalf at your instruction?

6. If so why did you choose to use such a suspicious rout to make a lawful transaction?

7. Don’t you think that such transaction would have been viewed by the public, as transactions that have many elements of dishonesty associated with them?

8. Did the monies in question enter St. Vincent and the Grenadines legally?

9. If the answer to question 8 is yes; please provide an explanation showing how the monies entered St. Vincent and the Grenadines by showing the paper trail.

10. If the answer to question 8 is no; please explain how the money entered St. Vincent and the Grenadines? and who were involved in smuggling the money into the country?

11. And did you authorize such unlawful movement of monies?

12. Please tell us who give the monies to you and who was the intended owners. Was the monies a loan, a grant or did someone donate the money to you or your party and for what purpose were the monies to be use?

13. In 2008 a female police officer made allegations of rape and sexual assault against you. Did you raped and sexually assault that police officer?

14. The young Canadian/Vincentian human rights lawyer; did you attempted rape her?

15. Did you sexually assault her as she alleged?

16. Have you ever raped and or sexually assaulted any male or female before these allegations were made?

17. Did you raped and or sexually assault any person after these allegations were brought against you?

18. Do you think the office of Prime Minister which you now hold, makes you better and more important than other Vincentians?

19. If the office of Prime Minister, which you holds does not make you more important than other Vincentian; why did you saw if fit, to use the influence of your office; the office of the Prime Minister to manipulate the system to pervert the course of Justice on your behalf?

20. Anesia Richards-Baptiste don’t you think that instead of having the Public Service Commission prosecute this young lady, you should ensure that she be rewarded for her valiant efforts in taking the time to study the constitution and for educating the community without being paid for her efforts?

21. Why did you feel the need to have George Jackson then Bermuda Commissioner of Police and Randolph “Randy” Liverpool to try discredit my character by plotting to have me fired from the Bermuda Police Service; and by trying to entrap me on several criminal charges one of which was: “conspiracy to kill Ralph Gonsalves Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines?”

22. Why did you arrange to send Andrew Kirkpatrick Mitchell a Jamaican hit man who lived in St. Lucia to Dominica to kill me (Allan H. F. Palmer) while I was on that island (Dominica) in October 2008 setting up a business?

Thanks for reading and accepting these question with the spirit with which they were written. I crave your patience, statesmanship and your speedy reply. Please do not feel the need to reply to me directly however these answers should be given publicly for I am sure that like me a large cross section of the Vincentian community are anxiously awaiting the answers to these questions; I am awaiting the answer to these questions.

In Service to Humanity
Allan H. F Palmer

Cc: Leader of the Opposition Arnhem Eustace
Stay Awake
Shake up
New Times Program

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