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Monday, September 29, 2008

Enough is enough, the Murders Must Stop

Last week (on the weekend of September 21st 2008) two good friends were discovered dead. The char body of Maxwell Brangman was removed from the fire ruin building, the men called home, while Freddie Gilbert was fished out of the St. Davis’ sea. It is said by members of the community that these two handy men were hardworking pleasant people who will not normally get involved in trouble.

It has been confirmed by the Bermuda Police Service that both Freddie and Maxwell were murdered in cold blood. It is also believed that they probably shared a difference in opinion (which is their democratic rights to form, hold and express their opinion freely) with a group of Bermuda’s youths.

Bermuda has now seen and experienced an unprecedented increased in murder in the first nine months of 2008 thus bringing the total to five murders for the year even surpassing my prediction and thus marking it the most murders in the nation’s history. Unfortunately there are three months remaining in the year.

Now the people of Bermuda, the Bermuda Police Service as well as law makers are baffled over this new occurrence: a planned murder of two of the country’s citizen. When a country experienced such gruesome crime as a double murder it is normally a sign that organized crime is showing up its ugly head or the level of intolerance have reach at such a level that no one care anymore.

Such crimes are crimes that are use by rival gangs to send clear messages over turf war or as pay back for betrayal. But this murder did not match any of the above. This double murder was a homicide of intolerance. Such lead me to ask this question. Where is Bermuda headed?

It is important for all Bermudian to understand that this is an opportune time for every one who living in Bermuda to stand up and say enough is enough. You do not make such a statement in a march and rally, but it take the community to rally around the people who have information to let them know that they are behind them 110%. Encourage them to be courageous and stand by them. I encourage every Bermudian who has a voice to speak publicly and express your disgust about the new phenomenon that is taking over this country as well as the foolish murder of Maxwell and Freddie. Write to the letter section of the news paper, call into the radio talk shows and do the same; but most of all if you know anyone with information accompany them to the police station, be their strength and their shoulder to lean on while together you all contribute in maintaining peace on this beautiful country of Bermuda.

Bermuda; I know that you can see with crystal clear vision that your country is falling into the hands of the criminals. Bermuda is too small to allow crime to get out of control, if Bermuda is allow become a heaven for crimes and criminals this island will be come a perpetual prison, thus resulting in the incarceration of all on the island.

Bermudian if you don’t get up and take your raging bull by the horns and subdue it don’t expect anyone else to come in and deal with the bulls for you, this is your problem and you cannot buy your way out of this one. No expert can bail Bermuda out of this one. Bermudians have to get up and do what they should have done many years ago and the political and other leaders must lead the way.

The Primer and the leader of the opposition have to get off of their buttocks and face the people; they must even volunteer to accompany anyone with information to the police. Bermuda is too small to have its leaders behave in such impersonal manner. Unless this is dome Bermuda would forever lost the peace that it was known for; and remember when the tranquility of Bermuda is no more then the economics prosperity the island is now experiencing will go with it.

I know Chief Inspector Antoine Daniels very well, he is a young man who loves his country dearly and is willing to do what he must to ensure that justice is done. He is one who anyone with information can pass on such and be confident that he will do all in his power to verify. He is also one of the very few men who is capable of uniting the various factions within Bermuda Police Service. This Young man is result oriented, bold and he is an innovative thinker (unlike the others who work by reviewing how it was done the last time) who thinks outside the box. Antoine Daniels is a man any member of the civilian community or police community can approach and feel safe, have the assurance that he will work in their best interest and the best interest of Bermuda. He is also a man that is capable of motivating people to perform. Here is a young Bermudian who possesses the prerequisites to lead the Bermuda Police Service in this time of trouble.


  1. I am very happy to hear that a bermudian Antione Ddaniels has the potential to be a good leader or should I say is a good leader. I see the young man and he has come a long way from being a cadet. I feel he is a role model to many so called cops. They have a lot that are kiss ups.

  2. believed that they probably shared a difference in opinion .. with a group of .. youths

    Ah, for those of us who aren't plugged into that world,
    can you please be a little more explicit about what that difference might have about,
    if there in fact was one?
    Are you alluding (perhaps, this is just a guess on my part) to pro- and anti-Brown factions in the PLP?