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Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Is To Be Blamed For The Delinquency Of Our Children?

.........Who is to be blame for the delinquency of our children?

Proverbs 6:22 states “Train up a child in the way that he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it. Embedded in this statement is the weight of the responsibility parents are expected to bear. What are the words of Jehovah God actually saying in this scripture text? It is important that we examine this text carefully and pay attention to a particular key word in this text. The basic information that is transmitted in this text is clear; however we need to examine the key word that can change the meaning of the text.

The key word in this text is “will.” Will is definite; there is no uncertainty in will. If there were a chance that after we have train our children as Jehovah expected and prescribed they would go astray; then the all knowing, all powerful, omnipresence Jehovah would have replace the word will with may. Jehovah cannot lie and keep his supreme Godly status. If we train the child or children correctly they will not depart from the training when he, she or they reaches adulthood.

The best illustration there is to provide a practical explanation of this is as follows: When Jehovah blesses us with a child, that child’s mind can be compared to that of a pure empty piece of sponge. The parents are responsible for everything that sponge observes. It is therefore the parent responsibility to ensure that the sponge becomes saturated with only pure, wholesome, uplifting materials. They should also have knowledge of any negative that is observed into that sponge so they can take the necessary steps to limit the impact of such contaminate.

Now if you if that sponge is left unattended and a stranger comes by and take your clean pure sponge and puke on that it. Who is to be blame for contaminating the sponge? And let us say once again, you neglect to pay attention to that which you are responsible for, and one of you jealous friend come by and urinate on your sponge and another defecate on your sponge. Now, who is responsible for the contamination of your sponge? Yes you are. It is as a result of your neglect and incompetence that resulted in such contamination.

In some cases, even though the sponge looks normal, whenever that sponge is squeezed it will results the emission of impurities. It is the same with a child. When through our neglect and laziness we creates (left alone with horrible people) an environment that allow negative influences to infiltrate the psyche of our children which eventually resulted in delinquent, antisocial and unacceptable behaviors. Who are to be blame?

Today’s parents are quick to take credit for the positive accomplishment of their children yet they disassociate themselves from their negatives and rebellious behaviors. It is a fact that each of us want to be associated with positive or good things; as truthful as that may be, we are not to deceitfully cast the blame for our parental short comings on others especially the victims.

The greatest gift and the most awesome responsibility an individual can take on is that of being a parent. However we dedicate more quality time to ensuring we are successful in our professional endeavors, the management of our finances and other assets than we put into the nurturing of our children: the most precious of all the valuables we will ever be responsible for.

In the same manner Jehovah entrusted us with wealth, our life and time etc. He also entrust us and make us custodian of the children he place in our care. Even more important than the money we are asked to manage for Jehovah, is the care of our children: the most priceless and precious gifts we will ever get. In the scriptures we are asked to return a faithful tithe and free will offering which, we willingly do with a level of seriousness, commitment and loyalty. Yet the nurturing and the protection of the children that are in our care are not treated with the same level of seriousness, commitment and loyalty.

We do not give any and every person access to our money; we do not lend our money to irresponsible people, we do not invest in companies unless we have perform due diligence, we do not give gifts to people who do not deserve such; we do not allow just anyone into our home and cars. In short we take very good care to ensure our assets are secure and properly utilized. Yet we expose and entrust our children to people of all strange beliefs, concepts, morality, training and behaviors. We secure our monies in gigantic impregnable fortresses but we entrust and leave our children in the destructive hands of pedophiles, rapist, homosexuals, thieves etc. who intentionally imposes themselves (rape) and their corrupt values (persuade them to do things that is against your and your children moral and belief) on our children.

Marriage and parenthood is not a responsibility we should get into without first going through some critical self examination, setting goals, and developing the will and habit to ensure that the family objectives are accomplished. It is also important that potential parents asked Jehovah for wisdom to make decisions, set goals, and take actions that will aid us to accomplish the goals.

As parents we are responsible to ensure that our children are protected, provided for, taught how to be responsible and in turn become good husband or wife and good parents. We must exhort such influence that our children are protected even in our absence: we owe that much to our children.

In the same way we will be called upon to give an account to Jehovah for our action, and our custodian of the thing our Creator has entrusted us with, we will be called upon to give an account to Jehovah for the children he has entrust us with. Fortunately for you, Jehovah knows every instant of neglect and parental hypocrisy and the impact such had on the child and the outcome of the child.

It is also important to note that parental hypocrisy is the most dangerous exemplified behavior a parent can give to his child or children. You may notice that I used the word give. Yes that is what we actually do to our child or children when we teach them with our life and the way we life and the life we live is a total contradiction to the life we expect our children to live. Remember action still speak louder then words; and example is still the greatest teacher. Can you explain how the cliché a picture is worth a thousand words applies in this case?

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