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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The United States of America is celebrating what I refer to as the holiday of reflection: Thanksgiving. Come Thursday 26th November 2009 (the day designate) many people in the USA and around the world will take timeout for honest reflection, for the many cause they have to be thankful.

Like the millions of American I am taking this opportunity this thanksgiving to give thanks for all of the wonderful things and the uplifting experiences that made up my recent and distance past; I am also taking this opportunity to give thanks for the all of the adversities and the misgivings I experienced over the period. For it is those adverse events that inspires character growth in sincere, honest and decent people who are wise enough to look for the teaching/learning moments such unfavorable experiences presents.

Although we avoid speaking of such because of the pain that is associated with awakening the bad memories, it is important to know that it is these moments that is responsible for shaping our character and what makes us the unique people that we are. It will do us good, to move towards healing, put away the bitterness and embrace such unfortunate events as just another of life’s adventure.

This thanksgiving, we must also bear in mind that before we can be truly thankful we must first learn to forgive those who have trespassed against us; for it is only by forgiving that we can truly be appreciative of life’s experiences good and/or bad. How can I be thankful for favor or blessings we did not deserved yet we allows the hate that manifests itself in our heart from allowing us to extend the same favor to another (the person I hate) in need.

I have so much to be thankful for, I am thankful that Jehovah have be store his favor upon me and for blessing me with the prayers of some of the most supportive, confidential, objective and loving family and friends a man could ever asked for. They may not be many but that are just what I need.

I am also thankful to Jehovah for blessing me with a clear mind, which allows me to function above that which is average; for a range of knowledge and the ability to grasp, understand and to apply new concepts with very little ease; for blessing me with wisdom to disown, analyze, and to put things into its proper prospective; but must of all; I am grateful for the ability to honestly, fearlessly, unselfishly clearly communicate my thoughts with others even in the face of possible adverse repercussion.

I am thankful for the fact that the promises of plenty did not caused me to turn a blind eye to the actions of dishonest men, that the love for and of money have never inspired my actions, that prestigious associations could not influences my honesty, and the hope of a handout have never interrupted the effective function of my conscience.

I also give thanks for the opportunity to legally exist in the greatest democracy on earth; where boundless opportunity awaits all: The United States of America. This mighty country where it is impossible for detractors, who dwell in the world of small insecure minds and are engulfed in their petty prejudices to block your path to success and doom you to failure. A place where the impossible dreams are realized and hard workout, talent and valiant efforts are rewarded; a place where redress is guaranteed and there is a place even for the weak. This is not to say that the USA is a perfect place but it is a place where Justice is treasured.

An as always, when the bad times come I will remind myself using the words of the great Vincentian Poet Michael John the Black Messenger:

"I am a winner, my will grows stronger every day. I am that victor; one thing they can never take away. I know the bottle is hard but the struggle is not in vain, each time I stumble and I fall: I WILL RISE AGAIN."

Finally, I must thank Jehovah for my tomorrow and all of the blessing tomorrow has secure for me. For the drive he had placed within me, the willpower I am going to need to persevere in the months ahead, for the strength to break down new barriers, the guts to scale the heights I am going to reach, the drive to attain my new accomplishment that awaits me but most of all I thank Jehovah for ensuring I remains humility, consistent and simple.

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